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Solar Data
Below are the latest "live" Solar images from SOHO and YOKOH. Most of these are updated every 12 minutes or so. Click on an image for larger view (at NASA's site).

Live SOHO EIT 304
Live SOHO MDI 6767
Live SOHO EIT 284
Live YOHKOH Soft X-ray
YOHKOH Soft X-ray
Live SOHO EIT 171
Live SOHO EIT 195

Solar and Space Links
   SOHO Images Full range of SOHO and LASCO images at NASA's SOHO site.
   LASCO C2 Images LASCO C2 images at NASA's SOHO site. Recent images shown vertically with links to various sizes.
   LASCO C3 Images LASCO C3 images at NASA's SOHO site. Recent images shown vertically with links to various sizes.
   Solar Charts Various energetic charts from Majestic Research including: X-ray flux, Electron flux, GOES 8 Proton flux, Magnetometer, Estimated KP Index, Satellite Environment (combined).
   Current Solar Data Various Solar images and charts from: Yokoh, SOHO, NOAA GOES charts, Nyobeyama Japan, Kitt Peak (Arizona), Mt. Wilson Solar Observatory (California), Big Bear Solar Observatory (California), University of Hawaii. Also has more data links.
   Aurora Maps NOAA POES Aurora Maps from the Space Environment Center.
   Space Calendar JPL Space Calendar. Celestial events occuring for each day of year, by month. Lists such items as closest approaches of Comets and Asteroids, Meteor Showers, public events, Space Craft Mission data, for each related day and time, and more.
   NEAT Near Earth Asteroid Tracking site at JPL.
   Orbit Simulator Near Earth Object (NEO) orbit simulator at JPL. Can run animation forwards or backwards by date, estimates proximity to Earth, shows Solar System orbits with NEO orbit highlighted. Select the NEO you want to check out and have fun. A really cool site. Shows recent Solar / Space activity including CME's, Solar flares, approaching space objects, Aurora picture gallery, other pictures, all kinds of data, lots more.

Science and Geophysical Links
   NEIC Earthquake Bulletin USGS list of recent earthquakes with links to info for each event. Also has world map with quakes highlighted on it.
   Volcano References on the Web Page is on the Department of Geology, Georgia Perimeter College Website. Contains links and info for global, regional, and international Volcano sites.

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