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Nibiru, Planet X

This page was last updated on October 22, 2002.

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Nibiru - Planet X - Email Questions and Answers

10-22-02 -Ed. Nibiru Notes: I replied to the engineer who authored the email below with a couple of questions, with the intent of expanding somewhat on the topic of Nibiru and its path/speed and posting the communications here tonight. (I moved last night's message up to the top here from further down the page). My questions and his responses are posted below the main message from last night, so as to place the sequence in context.

10-21-02: Nibiru - Planet X   -  the "rapidly accelerating scenario" has problems

10-21-02 Email: Nibiru - Planet X   -  the "rapidly accelerating scenario" has problems

"Unless the fundamental known laws of physics have changed, the mathematics of orbital motion obey the relationship established by Kepler, i.e., the body in elliptical orbit sweeps out equal angles in equal time. The instantaneous linear speed would decrease as Nibiru slingshots around the sun. Why does anyone think it will accelerate from the region of Pluto or beyond? The fastest travel in linear terms occurs at the "fat" part of the elliptical path ( the points across the shortest dimension of the ellipse)."

"Sitchin's description of a return every 36,000 years is not consistent with an encounter either in 2003 or 2012 (assuming the Mayan end of days turns out too be right on). What is also true is that a polar axis of rotation shift of the earth would generate such violent forces on the surface of the earth that "some where near the 'new equator' in N. Central USA" would be just as violently affected as anywhere else, namely not survivable. An earth orbiting satellite will not survive the near presence of the visitor either. The two body gravitational force physics that keeps things nicely in orbit falls apart along with everything else. I believe the "preparations" need to focus on the spiritual plane, 'cause the physical will cease to exist for us earthly organisms."

... "former "rocket scientist" engineer at Hughes (now Raytheon) currently living in Tucson, AZ."  (name and email address withheld .. -Ed.)

-Ed. - 10-21-02 My reply questions: Is it possible that some anomalous occurence in space could propel,( push, pull, whatever) Nibiru further along its path at a greater velocity, or possible effects between gravitational / magnetic fields of the Sun or larger planets in the Solar System and Nibiru's alter its course/speed?

His answer is below.

10-21-02 Email: Nibiru - Planet X:  Re: the "rapidly accelerating scenario" has problems

My understanding is that Nibiru is a stable participant in our solar system, and that it is returning on a path previously traced. That path is determined by orbital mechanics (gravitational forces). The only thing I can conceive of that could alter the path or speed would be yet another massive wanderer (as yet unseen) from outer space arriving at just the right time so as to alter the path. I think magnetic forces large enough to alter the motions are out of the question because the relative magnitudes of such forces are no where near those due to gravity. One would have to postulate something as large as a star such as our sun to generate that large a force of magnetism. Recall that the expected size of Nibiru is on the order of Jupiter. If it turns out to be a collapsed brown dwarf star of very high density, the effect due to gravity will be staggering, and truly cataclysmic.

10-22-02 Email: Nibiru - Planet X:  one too many zeroes

Excuse me. That orbital period for Nibiru is 3600 years, not 36000. Even so, that's 1800 years outward bound, and 1800 on the return. May of 2003 is like tomorrow.

06-03-02: Nibiru - Planet X   -  100% confirmed by computer Hubble link?

06-03-02 Email: I have some info for you. Went back to Kento's Nib thread. A few more posts. Found out that Kento has opened a Nib research folder Additional Nibiru Message Thread at Cyberspace Orbit - Hubble confirmation of Planet X.

One of the posts in that folder gave another fascinating line Mark Hazelwood's e-group letter of 100% confirmation by computer Hubble link, of Planet X, and secret meeting of scientists to view Planet X.

News is coming out. How Nib fits in with all the insanity going on in the world, not sure. I wanted to get this info to you.

Thank you. The sighting of Planet X via Hubble is fantastic news. Looks like Hubble's recent upgrade was right on time. For anyone interested, Mark Hazelwood has a Yahoo group Planetx2003: There's an email address for subscribing. His website is, with updates and egroups links, and info.

I'll be adding this email sequence and any other updates, info, links, etc., to the Nibiru - Planet X page (left menu).

06-02-02: Nibiru - Planet X   -  Update!

06-02-02 Email: I missed the program, but Ed Dames was on Art Bell the other nite. He said that Nibiru could come by in 2003. So, if we survive whatever is supposed to happen on 9/22 and whatever the Fulcanelli Cross is telling us, then I guess the next biggy is Nibiru. If we are still here. Remember that there is a good chance that Rapture will occur between now and 7/20. Maybe I should update my Outlook Calendar.

Here's the link   Nibiru Message Thread at Cyberspace Orbit.

That will take you to the thread about Nibiru. His forum doesn't work well with Netscape 4.7. Infact he did have a notice on his site to use IE or Netscape 6.0.

Thank you. According to one woman's thread, her Pentagon source said the military are very aware of Nibiru, it is real, and our military leaders are frightened. It is not surprising though, that they don't know what to do about it and don't want to panic anyone. Nibiru is beyond our experience. How do we prepare? Coastal areas would be very vulnerable. I missed Art's program as well. It'd be worth the $$ to get the archives just to hear the program. For anyone who may not know, Major Ed Dames is considered to be the foremost remote viewer in the world, having used his talents as an original member of the U.S. Army's remote viewing training program and worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Also, if you don't have IE, you might want try the Nibiru link with Netscape anyway. I used NS 4.7 to test viewing the page and had no problems with it .. maybe I got lucky..

Fulcanelli Cross: Here's the link to the information about the Fulcanelli Cross and the expected Planetary Alignment with the Great Cross of the Galaxy on September 22, 2002. What will this mean for us? A MONUMENT TO THE END OF TIME.

Mark Hazelwood After Art Bell show of 01-16-02: More info about Nibiru, peoples' related experiences, more is here.

Nibiru - more info: at YOWUSA, including a transcript of a 1997 Art Bell interview with Malachi Martin .. something is approaching us.
Why Look For A Killer XKBO, When You Already Know It Is Coming?

CRAWFORD2000: Is a 12th Planet really entering our Solar System

Planet X Exists!!!

Planet X (Niburu) due here Spring 2003? by Mark Hazelwood




04-27-02: -Ed: Please take the time to read Zecharia Sitchin's April 5, 2002, disclaimer at his site about the Return of Nibiru and the 2003 date.

So many views, opinions, and research, only Time will tell about Nibiru and all other events to happen.

06-02-02: Z. Sitchin's disclaimer no longer appears on his home page.

Nibiru, Planet X

YOWUSA.COM: Who Will Determine Your Need To Know About Planet X (Nibiru)?

Article includes info, potential effects, previous passage, reports in the news, possible trajectory and approach, NASA statement, possible sightings, research on course plots, what is being done about it..

"The Washington Post summarized an interview with the JPL IRAS lead scientist: 'A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope... 'All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is', said Gerry Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist.' "

"It seems that many factions within our government, and other governments, are all timing certain events with the year 2003!"

04-20-02: Nibiru is reported to be barrelling towards the Solar System with increasing speed, pulled by the Sun's gravity, the stress between the two bodies' fields causing the planets to heat up. I've often wondered if Nibiru's enormous magnetic and gravitational fields are affecting the recent Solar output, and if its approach could be responsible for the "dual peak" Solar Max we've had for the past 3 cycles - including this one, which should have ended last year. The Sun is still hurling huge CME's, X-class flares..Something is causing a perturbation of the Sun...

04-27-02 -Ed. note: The links provided here are for perusal and investigation. Everyone is free to read and draw their own conclusions and conduct further research or whatever. By posting these links I am not making any claims about the return of Nibiru in 2003 or any other date, one way or the other. Like many, I have wondered, pondered, and sought information about Nibiru's return. My comments above about Nibiru barrelling towards the Solar System are from reports I've read on the Web. Are they true? Who knows, but that's what's being reported. The possible effects of Nibiru on the Solar cycle and the perturbation of the Sun are my own musings only, never to be taken as fact.  ;)   .... but I do believe that something is causing a perturbation of the Sun and the continued double-peak Solar cycles.

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