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Below are a few of my favorite links. I am restoring my other links pages, which contain hundreds of links from interesting and informative sites I've visited in my Internet travels. More links to come.

Site Link Description
  •   Apocalypso - Millennium and Jubilee Visions
  • A fascinating and scholarly study in Biblical, Catholic, and Nostradamus Prophecy relating to our times. The word Apocalypse means a revealing, an uncovering.
  •   CrypticLink
  • Lots of interesting original writings, original artwork, and info in a variety of topics including UFO's, Meditation, Palindromes, Dreams, Poems, and more.
  •   Divine Intervention
  • "The entire earth, and everyone on it, is going to experience Divine Intervention" .. Much information about the End-times, Tribulation, Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, Rapture, Salvation, the Second Coming, and graphics/info depicting the EU's Tower of Babel, EU Europa stamps, and more.
  •   Dufada Irish Music
  • Original Celtic New Age music by Dufada in Midi, MP3, with CD available. Music is the heart of this site, presented in a setting of Celtic artwork, photos, poetry, and soul.
  •   Far Shores
  • Link goes to Far Shore's news page. Lots of interesting paranormal, UFO, and unusual news stories from around the world
  •   Kevin Smith Show
  • "Online radio talk show with UFO, E.T., paranormal, Mars, space, science, it's all right here."
  •   PUFOIN (Formerly P3N)
  • Paranormal and UFO Information Network site. Unusual news items, interesting site.
  • Tons of news stories in a variety of topics from many sources. Jeff Rense also has interesting guests on his nightly program
  • Lots of articles about goings on in Space, NASA missions, image galleries, much more.
  •   Unknown Country
  • Author Whitley Strieber's site with lots of very interesting info. Dreamland is his weekly program.
  •   World Net Daily
  • Very popular online newspaper.. "A free press for a free people"

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