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Daily Rant

Do you holler and carry on at your pc when reading about current events? Now you can add your rants to mine! This is a brand new page (Jan 13, 2002), so I haven't really ranted about much recently to add anything, at least not today. But I will soon, I'm sure, so check back often.

In the meantime, if you've got a beef about something going on, the injustices in the world, the price of groceries, housing, or just whatever, have at it! Lots of people probably feel the same way you do. You're not alone! Let us hear about it.

06-16-02 Email - Response to Anunnaki creator theory:

"Well, the theory of evolution has never been proven. That has been taught in schools to the exclusion of other theories. I guess enough people are tired of the evolution theory and all its holes, so it will be replaced with an even more "empowering" theory. Nothing like spreading "slave consciousness" among the population. From organism to slave. We seem to be devolving. I choose to identify with my Real Self -- My Spiritual Self. I don't know where my dna came from. I feel a bond with the Pleaidians, but who knows? It has crossed my mind, that the club is working towards preparing the planet for the arrival of the armada or others.

The club may be taking orders from the fallens, who may be here either in and/or not in physicial bodies. It may be that the Anunnaki did play with dna. It may have been easier for humans to ascend Spiritually until there dna was played with. Now, not as easy. Also, shorter life spans. Don't know what it all really means. I feel that we must focus on the Spiritual. The invisible is the realm of causation & creation. I don't care what others think, my heritage is not from the monkeys, nor is it from Anunnaki. My Heritage is from the Divine. The Masters say to view others and yourself seeing the Divine Light - the spark of God in each and everyone.

I don't agree with teaching these evolution and Anunnaki theories to children (or anyone else) as though they were proven fact and truth. It may serve an agenda though. So many people are searching. Many have been turned off by manipulated religious systems, doctrine, theology etc. Something new comes along and they are willing to go for it. I think Christianity, as it started out, was a very happy, joyous, freeing way. In the 1st century or 2 it wasn't spreading by the sword or fear, but by example. People wanted whatever it was that original Christianity offered and showed. I believe that whatever we give our attention to grows and magnifies for us."

E-Mail 04-30-02: An Infection in our midst!

"The other night 60 minutes aired a segment with interviews of teens who attend an Islamic school here in the U.S. They asked them what they thought about the suicide/homocide bombers. The reply? They think they're HEROIC MARTYRS! Would they be willing to do the same thing? YES..was the answer. Need we know more?

There is not an individual in their right mind who would tolerate a viral or bacterial infection in their body. Most people do whatever they can to rid themselves of disease, before it spreads or causes death. So WHY, in the name of religious tolerance or political correctness are we tolerating people with such ideologies in our land? This is not just diversity....THEY WANT TO DESTROY US! Read the Koran if you don't believe it! See it in print for yourself!

My proposal....swear allegiance to this country, unconditionally, or get a one way ticket back to wherever they came from. If they want to blow themselves up, they can do it somewhere else! NOT IN AMERICA!

Folks....there are alot of American lives at stake. I, for one do not want to die prematurely, or anyone I know or love to die prematurely because of an ideological infection in our country that we are refusing to treat. Tickets anyone?"

Editor's Rant 04-14-02

The horror of death and destruction on both sides of the Middle East conflict is heartbreaking. So many innocent Jewish and Palestinian lives sacrificed. I support Israel in the current madness taking place and I denounce the horror, death, and mutilations perpetrated on the Jewish people by suicide bombings and other terrorist actions directed at innocent Jewish civilians and the IDF.

I also share in the great sorrow for the Palestinian people, so many who want peace with Israel, and who used to live peaceably and amicably with their Jewish neighbors. All are being used as pawns in a bloody and dangerous game.

I wrote the poem below as an expression of my sorrow for the Palestinian people and my anger at the Palestinian leadership, which I believe, cares nothing for its people. Arafat threw away a great opportunity for peace with Israel when he rejected Barak's offer, which would have given Arafat 95% of what he wanted. Barak's peace offer was a strong platform for negotiating the other 5% left to discuss.

I do not believe Arafat wants peace. I believe he is pushing for all out war and the destruction of Israel. He may get his war, but God will not allow Israel to be destroyed. Israel is His. Arafat will end up destroying his own people, and he is well on the way to it now. The poem is based on the 23rd Psalm:

Arafat is their shepherd, they have only want.
He maketh them to lie down dead in their graves: He leadeth them to war, wastelands, and bloody waters.
He ruineth their souls: he leadeth them in the paths of destruction for his name's sake.

Yea, though they walk through Israel in the shadow of death, they have no peace: for Arafat is with them; with his katyushas, his lies, and his homicide bombers, he betrays them.

He prepares a slaughter for his people in the presence of the world: he anointest their heads with blood; their cup runneth over.

Surely destruction and death shall follow them all the days of their lives: and they will dwell in Hell under Arafat in the Land of Israel.

The terrorist policies and activities of the PLO/PLA leadership in Israel under Arafat are no different - in fact they are identical - to the terrorism he brought to Jordan in the early 1970's that led to Black September. The Jordanians if anyone, should understand what Israel is going through now, because they went through it themselves and put a decisive end to both Arafat's terrorism and his attempt to take over Jordan.

In early June 1971, Jordan's King Hussein directed his Prime Minister-and-Minister of Defense Wasfi at Tal to "deal conclusively and without hesitation with the plotters who want to establish a separate Palestinian state and destroy the unity of the Jordanian and Palestinian people." Thousands of Palestinians were killed. In using (and almost destroying) Jordan as a launching point for his mad desire to destroy Israel, Arafat almost destroyed his own people.

Today, we are seeing a repeat of 1971 Jordan played out in a 2002 version in Israel. Arafat has learned nothing in 30 years. Yet now it is Israel that has to deal with him and it is Israel that is being blamed for the conflict on the world stage. It seems that only the United States is standing beside Israel in her hour of greatest need against this man Arafat and his hellish plans of death and destruction. But what we are seeing played out in Israel is Arafat's Modus Operandi......he does it wherever he goes.

Yet in this 2002 version, other Middle East countries are helping Arafat, apparently sending weapons ships, money, and massing military help ready to assault tiny Israel. As long as they could do it on the sly, all was well in the Arab world. But now their surreptitious game has been exposed and there's talk of removing Arafat to Morocco or Egypt. He is now an embarrasment to them because by their own deeds and association with him, and al-Queda, their world image has been tarnished.

Read about Arafat's broken agreements, the assassinations of Jordanian leaders, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine plane hijackings, "autonomous areas" in Jordan, demands for a separate Palestinian state in Jordan, attempts to overthrow King Hussein, using refugee camps as terrorist bases, guerilla activity, the list goes on ad in Jordan, so in Israel. A home for the Palestinians is not the issue. Arafat is the issue.

Black September in Jordan 1970-1971

Black September and the Back September Terror Movement

Black September, The PLO's attempt to take over Jordan in 1970

Undoubtedly, there have been injustices on both sides of the Middle East conflict, and sole blame cannot be laid at Arafat's feet, though his activities have contributed greatly to the suffering of his own people as well as the Jews.

Yet surely the events taking place in the Middle East, and shortly the world, may be ultimately directed by that group of Reptilians in human form who care nothing for human life and are fervently working behind the scenes - stirring up hatreds, fomenting wars, toppling countries and leaders, busily reorganizing the world - to bring about World War III and their world domination .. the Illuminati. In these evil ones' game, everyone is but a means to an end - even Arafat. What might the Illuminati's response be if everyone just refused to play the game?

E-Mail 02-17-02: Campaign Finance continued

"The vote is in...Have the people won? A hard question to answer; Perhaps, perhaps not. Why is that so?

According to E.J. Dionne Jr. It is up in the air "purity and honesty today is what we are all about," declared Rep. Bob Ney, an Ohio Republican." (E.J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post 2/15/02.) This is from the opponents of campaign finance reform "...who suddenly fitted themselves out as Puritan parsons and rode into to early hours of Thursday morning as a righteous truth squad.." Purity and honesty, oh please! We should not be fooled by these " change artists..." says Dionne, "...but in one of the finest legislative shows put on in years, the enemies of campaign reform proved they would say and do absolutely anything to keep the big money flowing..". These reform artists finally passed the bill when they finally were forced out of "denial". Now the foes of reform have been made abundantly aware of the tide of public opinion that has moved against them and that they can only defeat the tide by "...the subterfuge of phony amendments designed to make the reformers look less reformist..". ( Dionne The Washington Post 02/15/02)

This should come as news to no one who has had two or more presidential elections under his/her belt; subterfuge and prevarication is and always has been the name of the game, most especially inside the beltway. What has the passage at least in the house come to mean? Well it really means nothing because nothing will change at least not in the immediate future. As David S. Broder has said; "...the Democrats who furnished the bulk of the votes for passage may be dismayed to learn that in the view of Michael Malbin, the widely experienced head of the nonpartisan of Campaign Finance Institute, the bill hands President Bush and enormous advantage in his 2004 reelection campaign." Why; say's Broder, "...In 2000, when Bush rejected public financing of his race for the Republican nomination, he assembled a record treasury of "hard money" contributions (limited to $1,000 per person) from family friends, Texas supporters and allies in the business world. As an incumbent president, he can probably double of triple his take, while at the same time avoiding the spending limits that go with public financing."

Wow, one would think that the reform bill thus offered would help, but apparently it does not. It will take some time to figure out all the consequences of the Shays-Meehan bill. According to Broder the largest, and in my view the most unsettling consequence of the bill is that it may lead to "...shift the flow of soft money from national parties to state and local parties.", the Shays-Meehan bill does not prohibit this, in fact it allows, "...state and local parties to receive individual soft money contributions of up to $10,000 a year ($20,00 per election cycle), as long as they do not spend the money on ads for federal candidates." What? Here is the deal, and I know that the parties above mentioned and those that may come into existence will cry loud and hard about this, no private contributions allowed period from anyone soft, hard or in between. If you do the will of the people then there is no room for this kind of activity. I, the taxpayer demand that you accept no money from any source except "we the people", and if that is not enough then perhaps we don't need or want your candidacy. I know that I don't.

In the end it comes down to this, I am your boss what I say is law if you don't like it the get out. Shays-Meehan does not go near far enough, it is time to say no more! If you wish to run for office then you take what we the people give to you and no more, not even your own millions can be used, if you do it is a felony and you go to jail for a very long time. Corporations should be put on notice; if you give one penny then you go to jail, if you personally give one penny you go to jail, only through taxes do we give money to campaigns.

As Anthony Corrado states in his treatise "A History of Federal Campaign Finance Law" "History suggests that the best prospect for reform occur when a new Congress faces some major financial controversy or scandal that has taken place in a previous election." The present Enron and other scandals seem to be prophetic, we now have a scandal and now we have a bill to "fix it" though it does not go far enough; will we? I do not know the answer, but it seems to me the only way to fix campaign finance is to cut it to the quick and say only tax payer funds will be permitted and nothing more. How say you?

Shays-Meehan is only a step off point, let the people of these United States take back the reigns of government and do the will of the people who are, after all, the source of all power in our beloved country"

E-Mail 02-10-02: more about Campaign finance reform

"I would also like to see some campaign finance reform. Got to make our elected representatives and leaders accountable to The People. Maybe with Enron, Global Crossing, Kmart etc, this would be a good time to pursue campaign finance reform. Apparantly, the system as it is, is critically broken and The People are at the bottom of the list of priorities, if they are on the list at all."

E-Mail 02-10-02: Campaign finance reform

Like no other time in our history has the need for campaign finance reform been more apparent. The Enron debacle has shown this with glaring clarity. I believe that even the White House if feeling the pressure, even the president campaign accepted money from Enron. This, in my mind is a national disgrace and should be rectified as soon as possible.

There is a bill, Shay-Meehan, that would ban all soft money contributions that unions, corporations and individual give to all of the political parties, in addition it would limit "issue ads" often used in the waning days of an election. Needless to say the administration has sidelined the debate over finance reform as any "overt opposition" would focus on Eron as a major political donor. Any politico who accepted money from this pariah could open itself up to intense scrutiny, a thing that the administration would very much like to avoid.

According to a Washington Post article, this absence of any overt opposition from the administration has created a situation whereby, "The absence of a veto threat by Bush or intense lobbying, Foley said, means, "'it's a pass for me. If the White House isn't bellyaching, and I strongly supported it in the past, it's a much easier vote than if the president was arm twisting'". The administration does not have any love lost on this bill but to actively oppose it would "further bind the White House to the hundreds of thousands of dollars Enron and it's executives gave to Bush's campaign."

With the last paragraph said, here is the rub; we elect officials to do the business of the country and to support their constituencies. How is this accomplished with these same officials taking this campaign money to get elected? Is this not a very large conflict of interest? Are not the politicians who accept money now beholden to their new masters? Who are they representing anyway? Well the answer to these questions is really very simple; yes. By taking "soft money" or even "hard money" (?) our elected representatives have allowed themselves to be legally bribed, thus their priorities are suspect; just who are they serving. It could be argued that by getting elected they are putting themselves into a position to do something constructive for their constituencies, but I think when it comes to brass tacks, they are really beholden not to the people who elected them, but to the special interests who bought and paid for them. Even if some Representatives don't cave in the implication and taint of the big interests swirls around them. You are judged by the company you keep, even if you are not guilty of anything. Hey this isn't a court of law here, in public eye you are guilty by association, there are no rules of evidence here.

If the elected official are financially bound to their benefactors then, by my logic, you can not be doing the business of the country and serving your constituencies. Which brings me to my first point. All elections should be financed by the tax payer and that any thing outside of that is illegal and the violators subject to severe penalty, a felony in other words. That said, the argument could be made that we already pay enough taxes now. I argue that this sort of taxation is a just and proper use of tax monies. A certain amount of money would be given to all candidates for office, ( say a million bucks), and after that is gone, well you will just have to get along. If the politico is to be bribed to go into office then let the people of the United States be the bribers, so that the official will be beholden to the people he is supposed to represent. Why should large corporations rate higher in estimation than the people who grant the power to govern, which is we the people. All true power of the government derives from the consent of the governed. This is a basic tenant of our founding fathers, that is what the Constitution is all about. So here it is all campaign finances of any sort from any source are illegal, the tax payer will provide enough to reasonably fund a campaign, if you can't get elected using that then perhaps your budgeting skills are suspect and maybe you don't belong in a position to wield large sums of taxpayer money.

This leads me to my last point; term limits for all elected officials on the Federal level. In 1947 the Republican Congress, stung by four terms of a Democratic president (Franklin Roosevelt for those who don't know) drafted and passed by two thirds majority of the several States the 22nd amendment to the Constitution which limited the term of president to two. That should be expanded to members of Congress. Senators have a term of six years and Representatives have a term of two years. I propose that we change the term of Representative to six years and leave Senators at the same. The term I propose is that you will serve only one term as a Senator or Representative. There is precedence for this, some governors can not succeed themselves. Even our first president only served two terms and retired thereby setting the tradition of two terms which is now law. George Washington may have had good reason to limit himself to two terms, I think he felt that elected official do the civic and public duty to their country and then step aside and allow the next person to do his civic duty. I don't think that the founding father ever really considered government office as a career, rather it was a solemn duty. When president Truman left office he said that it was not a demotion rather a promotion to citizen which is where the real power of this country resides. Further I think our early presidents remembered how easy it would be to slip back into a monarchy thus we should limit terms. George Washington probably could have reigned as a monarch for as long as he wished, such was the reverence that he was held in. That he did not speaks volumes about the integrity and nobleness of our founding fathers. They knew far better than we what it was like to be under foreign domination that was why they fought a long and bloody war. We must learn from their wisdom. We have not, it would appear that our elected officials are looking for power, influence and wealth, they seem to have lost sight as to just what it is that they are supposed to do. It is so easy all one has to do is turn to our most revered document.

The preamble of the Constitution states it in one sentence: "We, the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

02-10-02: Editor's comments re: Islam in public schools

What in tarnation is going on in our public schools? As an American and a taxpayer, I am outraged that Islam in any shape or form is being taught to our youth - as it is in some California public schools, and that one penny of my taxes is going to support this obscenity. The so-called "separation of church and state" only seems to apply to Christian and Jewish faiths, while Islamic Jihad and other tenets of Islam are perfectly acceptable - even to the point of being distributed as student textbooks.

Aside from the crude, unenlightened, and laughable statement that Jews are "illiterates who reject knowledge" as stated (according to news sources) in the forward of a Los Angeles textbook 'The Meaning of the Holy Quran', the meaning of the Holy Quran has no business being taught in the classroom - any classroom.

The above quote about Jews leads me to question the veracity of the entire book. Anyone with half a brain knows that Jews are not illiterates, nor do they reject knowledge. Israel has some of the most well-respected universities in the world, including the world-renowned Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. The Laws of the Jewish faith have served as the foundation of moral behavior and righteous governmental moorings from antiquity.

The Quran and Jihad can be taught but Bibles, Torahs, Jesus and the Ten Commandments are forbidden? This is an outrage. Seems that the "separation of church and state" does not apply equally to all religions in our politically correct country.

Which means that some local governments are doing exactly the opposite of what they supposedly espouse, which means they speak with forked tongues. In my opinion, this whole thing is an overt attack on Christianity and Judaism.

Why in the world would any American school teach Jihad to our youth after the horror of September 11? Hello!!! This is truly scary. Have we lost our minds completely? America will rue the day our governmental public schools began teaching Islam and Jihad to any child in this nation. Al-Queda must be salivating all over themselves at the prospects.

Addendum: My issue here is not with Islam as a faith per se, it is with the teaching of Islam as a religion in government public schools - and using taxpayer money to fund it - while banishing two other major religions on the pretext of "separation of church and state". Complete hypocrisy. The issues with teaching Jihad to our youth in public schools (or anywhere else for that matter) - in the wake of September 11 while America attempts to eradicate terrorism from within our own borders - are plainly self-evident.

02-10-02 RENSE.COM: Public School Textbook Calls Jews 'Illiterates'

NEWSMAX: California Pupils Indoctrinated in Islam

E-Mail Jan 25, 2002: Good Ideas for Junk Mail

This is great, I think I will have to try a few of these...

When you get ads in your phone or utility bill, include them with the payment. Let them throw it away.

When you get those pre-approved letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and junk like that, most of them come with postage paid return envelopes, right? Well, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it in these cool little envelopes! Send an ad for your local dry cleaner to American Express. Or a pizza coupon to Citibank. (I especially liked this!)

If you didn't get anything else that day, then just send them their application back!

If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure your name isn't on anything you send them. You can Send it back empty if you want to just to keep them guessing! Eventually, the banks and credit card companies will begin getting all their junk back in the mail. Let's let them know what it's like to get junk mail, and best of all THEY'RE paying for it! Twice! Let's help keep our postal service busy since they say e-mail is cutting into their business, and that's why they need to increase postage again!

Send this to a friend or two or three... or fifty!

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